The multirole air superiority stealth fighter

A Fighter aircraft as the name suggests is a plane designed specially for air-to-air combats popularly known as "dogfights" Fighters were developed in World War I to deny enemy aircraft and dirigibles the ability to gather information by reconnaissance. Early fighters were very small and lightly armed by later standards, and most were biplanes built with a wooden frame, covered with fabric, and limited to about 100 mph.

Fighter aircrafts are generally more advanced than normal aircrafts to fullfill the combat needs thus they are fater more agile than the normal aircrafts. Most Fighter aircrafts are supersonic that is they can travel faster than sound.




Learn about the principles of RC Fighter Aircraft design, fundamentals of aerodynamics and various components of RC Aircraft


Introduction to electrical components (brushless motors, servo motors, ESC etc) and their installation principles on a RC Fighter Aircraft


Fabricate and scratch build a RC Fighter Aircraft, integrating electronics into it and making the aircraft ready to flyFabricate and scratch build a RC Fighter Aircraft, integrating electronics into it and making the aircraft ready to fly


Learn about different flying techniques of RC Fighter Aircrafts, understand the error in design (if any) which hindered a good flight


During the RC Fighter Aircraft Fabrication workshop of Edurade, you will be designing and fabricating a prototype of one of the most lethal fighter aircrafts of the planet – the F-22 raptor. The F-22 is notable for its clean configuration: all of its weapons systems are stored internally. This improves the Raptor’s stealth capabilities and reduces drag, making the plane more aerodynamic.


Design Session

  • Lecture on fundamentals of aerodynamics and different types of fighter aircrafts

  • Understand various parts of a fighter aircraft

  • Know about stealthiness and maneuverability of an aircraft

  • Design algorithm of a RC Fighter Aircraft

Software Session

  • Selection of Aerofoils based on the aircraft requirement

  • Analysis on stability for RC Fighter Aircraft design

  • Know about the techniques of creating an appealing design of the RC Aircraft

Electronics Session

  • Learn about various electronic components on a RC Fighter Aircraft

  • Detailed discussion on Brushless Motors, ESC, Servo Motors and other installed components

  • Explanations of different kinds of battery and their specified requirements in accordance with the fabricated RC Fighter Aircraft

  • Get to know the functionalities of Transmitter & Receiver

Fabrication Session

  • Scratch build a RC Fighter Aircraft

  • Get trained in installing electronic components in the fabricated aircraft

  • Know about CG balancing and stability check of the Fighter RC Aircraft to avoid any navigational glitch during flight

  • Making the RC Fighter Aircraft ready to fly

Flying Session

  • et on-field flight lessons from our RC Pilot

  • Range test of the RC Transmitter

  • Understand the fabrication faults that hindered a good flight (if any)

  • Best RC Aircraft Design selection

Note:The parts marked* are not parts of economy kit. These components would be provided during the RC Aircraft workshop (per team) but would be taken back after the workshop. This is being done to reduce the cost of the RC Aircraft workshop and make it affordable for students who do not want to buy the complete kit.

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