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A radio-controlled car or RC car is a powered model car driven from a distance using a radio control system. The cars that are powered with engines are called as Nitro-powered RC car. They use methanol as a basic fuel with a percentage of nitro methane as booster and castor oil for lubrication. The engines are 2 strokes engine and air is the cooling medium for these engines.

RC Nitro cars are operated by radio control by using 2.4 GHz frequency .The receiver interprets the radio signals and sends electrical pulses to the servos and the carburettor opening is controlled through it. Servos are also used for the steering purpose.




Know about automobile engineering in brief along with complete study of rc nitro car principles, chassis design, suspension, engines, steering system etc.

Disassembly & Assembly

The rc nitro car is disassembled as well as assembled completely along with proper explanation of each and every component of rc nitro car and its working.

Troubleshooting & Racing Techniques

Know about different types of engine and their problems during rc nitro car racing along with wheel chamber, caster setting, suspension setup etc.

Driving Tips

Know about tuning procedure for different types of engine. Checks before and after running rc car. Tips to control rc car on track. RC car stunt show.


RC Nitro Car Workshop brings you face to face with the automobile technology while providing you valuable hands-on experience of automobile engineering under the guidance from renowned professionals. This workshop covers right from the basics of ic engine to design and development of rc cars. These workshop will help you in project works and in placement too.


Theoretical Session

  • Detailed study of automobile engineering.

  • Know about vehicle dynamics and performance.

  • Introduction to ic engine & transmission system.

  • Detailed study of rc nitro cars & its components.

  • Learn about PGMFi, DTSi, MPFI , CRDI etc.

Disassembly & Assembly Session

  • Detailed explanation on working of component.

  • Hands-on session on radio control nitro car.

  • Material selection and study of its properties.

  • RC car parts fabrication technique for college races.

  • Detailed study on assembly of rc nitro car.

Troubleshooting & Racing Techniques

  • Detailed session on tuning of nitro & petrol engine.

  • Know about different engine problems and solutions.

  • Learn about suspension modification & repair.

  • Study on chamber, caster, toe and its effects.

  • Know about electronic components of rc nitro car.

Driving session

  • Learn about controlling RC nitro cars on track.

  • Essential checks before and after running nitro car.

  • Driving tips of RC car for college races.

  • Maintenance procedure for rc nitro cars.

  • RC nitro & petrol car stunt show.

Note:The components mentioned above will be demonstrated and will be given to the participants during workshop and participants will return it after the workshop is over.

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